• Cross Point Voice Alert System 6 Wireless Annunciator Receiver CIVA6000R

Cross Point Voice Alert System 6 Wireless Annunciator Receiver CIVA6000R

The Cross Point Voice Alert Receiverconsists of a receiver, voice recording/playback system and speaker. Itincludes controls to allow for power input, recording of up to six voicemessages (in your voice), and programming of each Sensor/Transmitter toactivate a voice message.

  • Monitors up to 6-Zones (with unlimited number of transmitters/sensors)
  • Multiple "C" Relays
  • Audio Line Output Connection
  • Voice Warning for Low Battery

About Voice Alert System-6: Voice Alert System-6 combines wireless and digital voice technology to create the most flexible and cost-effective annunciation system available today. System-6 monitors up to six zones using wireless PIR Sensors/Transmitters and a remote Receiver/Speaker Base Unit. When a zone is breached, a signal is sent up to 1,000’ (300’ through walls) to the remote Base Unit. Upon signal reception, the Base Unit plays a user (voice-recorded) message identifying that specific zone.

Voice Alert System-6 is an excellent plug and play solution for hard-to-wire areas. It also features multiple "C" relays enabling it to trigger additional devices or to integrate into a larger security or home automation system.

Common applications include: Wireless Driveway Alarm, Perimeter Security, Customer and Visitor Notification, Customer Greeting, Child Safety, Pool Security, Delivery and Supply Room Monitoring, and Annunciation of activity at CCTV Camera.


Customize Recorded Messages
Completely Wireless
Plug-and-Play Installation
False Alarm Deterrent
Flexible Set-Up
Notification in a Single Room or Entire Location
Simple to use

Note: Requires a Voice Alert Sensor to operate (sold separately).


Records six separate voice messages:(6 seconds each)
Supports an unlimited number of Sensor Transmitters
Speaker volume control:
Audio Line Output Connection:
Voice message (user initiated):One button for each zone
Voice message (transmitter initiated):Programmed to desired message (user programmable)
Individual "C" relays enable other devices to be triggered
Missed message indicator:Flashing LED
Missed message playback:Push button
Receiver type: Super Heterodyne
Frequency of receiver:433.92 MHz
Method of recording:Digital, solid state, user-recordable
FCC Part 15 Approved
Receiver Stability:Crystal
Receiver Sensitivity:100dBm
Low Battery LED indicates sensor w/low battery
Low Battery voice message identifies specific zone
AC/DC Power Adapter: 6’ cord length
Power Requirement: 117V AC – 60Hz
Power Input: 9VDC – 1 AMP
Installation: Wall or tabletop
Receiver/Speaker Dimensions: 8.50" W x 1.75" H x 5.75" D

  • Current Price: $104.95


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