Wireless above ground Metal Vehicle Detection System, Mier DA-600

The Drive Alert vehicle detector detects cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, or any large moving metal object. When a vehicle is detected, the sensor transmits a signal to the control panel which sounds an electronic alert. All models can also turn on lights, open gates, turn on video equipment, or activate a number of other desired features. An unlimited number of sensors can be used to protect multiple areas! The sensors can also be placed in or next to stationary equipment such as tractors, mobile homes, campers, gas tanks, trailers, etc. The Drive Alert will sound an alarm if this equipment is moved. Thus, aiding in the prevention of theft or vandalism.

Approx. Wireless range = 300 feet.
1. Sensor/transmitter detects a vehicle entering a monitored area
2. Control panel receives a signal from the sensor/transmitter and triggers an alert
3. A chime is activated in the front room to alert those on the first door
4. A chime is activated in the basement to alert those downstairs
5. A chime is activated in an upstairs bedroom to alert those upstairs
6. A light is activated to either warn strangers or welcome friends
7. A video surveillance camera is activated to record activity

SKU: 60-810AS
  • Current Price: $329.99


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