MURS Wireless Probe Vehicle Detector Driveway Alarm System, MAPSBSKIT

The MURS Wireless Probe Vehicle Detector combines the best features of the MURS Wireless Motion Drive Alert and the hard-wired Vehicle Detector Drive Alert in an easy to install package. The MURS Wireless Probe Vehicle Detector is easy to install and will not give false signals from animals, birds, wind, rain etc. The radio operated system is the longest range system allowed by the FCC.

The Vehicle Detector receiver can be located in the house, office or work shop and plugged into any standard wall outlet. The weatherproof outside transmitter, operated by 6 AA batteries, should be located in the area of the driveway. The probe is attached to the transmitter with 50 feet of direct burial cable and should be buried alongside the driveway with the transmitter box mounted on a tree or post about 4 feet high. The vehicle detector probe will detect the movement of a metal object such as a car coming up the driveway. The transmitter will then send a radio signal up to 2 miles back to the receiver to activate the voice recording. The voice alert has a volume control and identifies which transmitter was activated if more than one is being used. The receiver is also equipped with a relay output to operate any of our Driveway Alarm accessories. You may also add the MURS InfraRed transmitter to this system to protect areas where it is necessary to detect people walking. Up to four transmitters (zones) may be used with each system.

The M538-BS is a base station MURS transceiver that will receive alert signals from the MURS Alert transmitter and also can be used for 2 way voice communications between other MURS transceivers. The Base Station has 5 channels and 38 sub channels to help you communicate with other users. The M538-BS is powered by a plug-in transformer. The Base Station is capable of communicating over distances of several miles*. The FCC also allows you to use MURS without a license. Although other radio services require a license, MURS is license free. When an alert signal is received from the MURS Alert transmitter the BS will sound off with the voice announcement of the alert (zone) signal and will also display an alert icon as a visual display that an alert signal has been received. Also, the M538-BS is equipped with a normally open (N/O) relay output. The relay can be used to connect the base station to other existing systems such as alarm panels or even doorbells. This has many different applications for small businesses, farmers, security guards, hunters and home owners. Anyone who needs to have real time monitoring and two way voice communications will benefit from MURS. The base station can also be used to communicate with the M538-HT hand held radio. This allows someone in the house or shop to be in direct contact with someone out and about in the field. This allows a parent to keep track of the kids or a supervisor to stay in touch with the employees.

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