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Optex RC-20U ReceiverOptex RC-20U ReceiverReceiver / Chime for the RCTD-20U (Wireless 2000) - Additional 12 Zone RC-20U Receiver for other rooms and buildings. Complete with volume control, 3 chime selections, remote low battery monitor alert, relay output with built in timer, indicator alert lights to identify area and power transformer.
Optex TD-20U PIR TransmitterOptex TD-20U PIR TransmitterBattery-powered sensor / transmitter for the RCTD-20U (Wireless 2000). Additional Sensor/Transmitter for monitoring second driveways, walkways, yards, pools.
Optex TS-10U Handheld TransmitterOptex TS-10U Handheld TransmitterThe TS-10U is a push button, battery-powered transmitter for the RCTD-20U (Wireless 2000). It allows the user to send a signal back to the RC-20U chime box and create a chime for notification purposes, as well as triggering or releasing other devices such as magnetic door locks and lighting.
Optex Wireless 2000 Driveway / Visitor Alarm, RCTD-20UOptex Wireless 2000 Driveway / Visitor Alarm, RCTD-20UWireless 2000 expandable driveway / entry alarm with 2000ft. line of sight transmission range, 50ft. beam pattern or 70ft. fan pattern.

The OPTEX Wireless 2000 Driveway and Entry System alerts you by 3 different chime tones and/or activates other electric devices (e.g. door strikes, lights, siren, CCTV) with relay output (RC-20U). The system can be triggered by TD-20U motion detectors, TC-10U door contacts or manually by the TS-10U hand-held push-button transmitter. The new 2000ft.* transmission range can be extended by using the TR-10U repeater.

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