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Frequently Asked Questions - Driveway Alarm Systems

Wireless Driveway Alarms - Driveway Alarm Systems

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Company Information

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Most of our products are designed to be installed by the do-it-yourself homeowner. If you need installation help you may find an electrician, handyman, security alarm company, or even a telephone installer / contractor.

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Order Status & Shipping Status / Tracking

You can track the status of your order and shipment by going to the end of this section and entering your 18 digit Order Number you received after placing your order. Select "View" and you will receive one of the following statuses (these will change as the order progresses):
  • New - We have not yet started processing your order.
  • In Progress - A real person is working your order.
  • Incomplete - One part of your order has been shipped.
  • Completed - Your order has been shipped (orders are generally shipped within 1-2 days after receipt).
  • Backordered - You should have received an e-mail or phone call with details.
  • Refunded - Your order has been refunded.
If your order stated "Completed" you will also see the Shipper and the tracking (Waybill) number (for most orders). You can enter these tracking numbers in the appropriate link below and confirm the shipping date and for UPS, Fedex, or DHL see the estimated arrival date (if item was just shipped, you may have to wait overnight for update).

USPS PM (Priority Mail)
USPS PP (Parcel Post)
USPS FC (First Class) - no tracking available

You will also see Payment Information. "Pre-Authorized" means we have not yet charged your card, but we do have it approved. "Settled" means we have charged your card.

On occasion you may also find Notes, especially if the order is "In Progress" longer than normal, item is "Back Ordered" and/or you have received only a partial order.

TRACKING - Shipping

Order Number

Ordering & Payment Options

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Product Search

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Product Technical Assistance

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Please see our Shipping / Policies page.


Please see our Shipping / Policies page.


All warranties are provided by the manufacturer of the product. Most warranties are 1 year, but some are 90 days. If your product fails within the first 90 days after delivery we will try to assist you on a case by case basis (neglect, misuse, physical damage, etc. excluded).

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