Driveway Motion Sensor

Driveway Motion Sensor

Driveway Motion Sensor Alarm

Driveway Motion Sensor is the part of a driveway alarm system that will detect vehicles and people. Driveway Motion Sensors and the transmitter are normally combined into one device (unit).

A wireless driveway monitor / alarm uses a wireless receiver in your home that chimes when the infrared driveway motion sensor outside detects motion, so you’ll be prepared for that unexpected knock at the door because the outside motion detector has provided you an alert on your wireless inside receiver. The wireless driveway motion sensor mounts outside on a post, tree, wall or fence and you can set the receiver anywhere in your house within range of the sensor.

A driveway motion sensor alarm is actually simple sensor devices which can be used to monitor an area outside your house. A driveway motion sensor will transmit a wireless signal that will trigger an alarm or alert at the receiver when the outside driveway motion detectors invisible beam is broken.

These detector / sensors are generally the least expensive and easiest to install. Since these are the most commonly used sensor; we have the greatest selection of driveway motion sensor systems.

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