Electronic Sounder, Siren or Steady Tone Option

This extra loud sounder puts out 90dB at 12VDC drawing only 400mA. Yelp (Siren) orSteady output can be chosen. This item is a great addition to items 00-200, 60-509, 60-609, 60-620, 20-303, 25-302, 25-303, 60-700, 60-740, 25-402, 25-403 when used in industrial manufacturing areas with a lot of background noise. 12VDC, 400mA, 90dB Negative 12vdc input goes to either one of the Black wires. Positive 12vdc input goes to either one of the Yellow wires for Steady Tone or either one of the Red wires for siren. Optional item 60-207 is similar, except both sound options are sirens (Normal & Fast) 

SKU: 60-206
  • Current Price: $19.99


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