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  1. Do you want to have a peace of mind every time you go to bed? Have you been longing for that sound sleep that has been very elusive? Sleeping should be your way of relaxing, but were there times when you are worried thinking something bad might happen while you are asleep? Well, worry no more. The ¼ Mile Long Range Driveway Alarms Wireless is now available to give you that comfortable sleep you deserve.
    In the good old days, all you need is a baseball bat beside your bed, or probably a gun, to feel safe. But you have to keep up with the changing times as well. Everything is digital and so modern now that it is also about time you up the ante on your household security.
    Safety is the Second Most Important Thing
    In the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, physiological is at the very bottom level which makes it the most important. These are the fundamental things needed on a daily basis in order to survive. Included here are the food you eat and the water you drink. The second most important is safety. Under this category are the clothes you wear to protect you from the cold weather, as well as the house that you live in that protects you from dangerous predators.
    It is in the nature of human beings to adapt in order to survive. In this modern day and age, even the negative elements in the society are capable of adapting to the environment. A good man once said, “The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off.” So it is just about right to use modern technology to your advantage.
    Features of Wireless Driveway Alarms
    Wireless driveway alarms have been around for quite some time. It acts as your initial line of defense from intruders. If you live in a secured community, it can be used to simply help you prepare for that knock on the door when your visitors arrive. Let’s take a look at the features of the ¼ Mile Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm.
    • Allowed up to 48 sensors in total with 12 sensors per zone.
    • More than 30 high quality ringer options.
    • Adjustable volume control.
    • Option to plug in the receiver using AC adaptor (included) or can run on 4 AAA batteries.
    • Driveway alert sensor has low battery indicator. Uses 4 AA batteries for up to 1 year.
    • With normal interference, up to ¼ mile wireless range between the sensor and the receiver.
    • Weather resistant.
    • Wireless motion detector with sun hood.
    • Has 12 volt relay to add external alarms and chimes.
    • With flashing LED lights in addition to the chime.
    • Allows user to set different chimes and LED lights between zones to easily monitor which sensor was activated.
    • Technical support is based in Seattle, WA.
    • Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty.
    Customer Reviews
    As the saying goes, “You cannot please everybody.” There will always be someone who will find something negative in a certain product. The ¼ Mile Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm has a total of 18 reviews. Users have the option to rate the product between 1 to five stars, with 5 stars being the highest. Out of 18 reviews, 13 gave this awesome device a perfect score. Let’s list down some of the things they liked about the product.
    • The unit comes set up and ready to go.
    • Easy to follow straightforward directions written by someone who speaks English.
    • Accurate and detailed diagrams.
    • No communication problem with the system.
    • Well packaged, organized neatly, and padded appropriately.
    • Company responded to emails in a prompt manner.
    • There are choices of tones.
    • Works better than a doorbell.
    • Performance exceeded expectations.
    • Great quality.
    • Able to withstand all types of weather.
    13 perfectly satisfied customers out of a total of 18 is a very good number. Plus three users who gave it 4 stars, which further supports and proves that the product is indeed exceptional. However, there are two who were not satisfied at all. Let’s take a look at what they think about the product.
    • Unit did not work because the speaker in the receiver was broken upon delivery.
    • Product is not suitable because there is interference with the metal siding of the house.
    Out of 18, one user gave the product 1 star because the unit did not work when the item was delivered. It could probably be the fault of the shipping company or the manufacturer itself. Whoever it may be, no company would intentionally send out a defective product. Nevertheless, the item was broken and can easily be replaced.
    The other negative review is a classic example of a person whom the product is really not intended for. It’s like buying a Samsung phone charger or earphones when what you have is an iPhone. It really would not work. Putting that aside, the user still has something good to say about the company. He mentioned that the company is good at after sales check up. He was also able to get in touch with customer service who got to the bottom of things and helped him figure out why the product would not work.
    Taking everything into consideration, this product is very useful to almost everyone except those whose houses have metal sidings. If you live in an area where break-ins are rampant, then this product is definitely a must for you to have. If you want to be notified of a FedEx, USPS, UPS delivery person who just leaves the package at your doorstep, or the arrival of a visitor, then this wireless driveway alarm could give you a good 5-10 second advance signal.
    Should You Buy It?
    The question for you to answer now is whether to buy it or not. This product is more expensive than its competitors. However, the price was not even mentioned in the two negative reviews about this product. It just goes to show that the product really delivers. It may be a bit costly, but you are definitely assured of the quality. It is better to pay the price for the safety of yourself and your loved ones, than regret not getting one and pay the price with your life. The choice is yours.
  2. The very first security alarm system was invented in the 19th century. Being new in the market and the pioneer in the industry, the device costs more than most people can afford at that time. After the First World War, the crime rate in the United States started exhibiting an upward trend. Since the security alarm system is expensive during those days, people, mostly homeowners, subscribed the services of night watchmen. They are called the door shakers. Their role is to go from house to house and shake on every door to check and make sure that it is locked. It was until after the World War II when the price of the alarm system became more affordable for people to purchase.
    Fast forward to the latter part of the 20th century, due to the increasing trend of crime rate in the United States, the demand for home security systems subsequently ballooned as well. As a matter of fact, it became a standard feature of building security. It has gone through a lot of improvements to keep up with the changing times. During the 70s, alarm systems had yet another major breakthrough, the very first motion sensor was integrated.  Further development ensued in the 80s and the 90s. Until finally, it is what most people are using now, a wireless motion sensor alarm.
    From the door shakers to a wireless motion sensor alarm, the home security system has gone through a lot of remodelling and major improvements. With everything being more sophisticated nowadays, the home security system has expanded and has now reached the driveway. We now have the Chamberlain Wireless Motion Alert Security System (CWA2000). This motion sensor driveway alarm is already out in the market so you can have an added security installed at your house. Let’s find out the key features of this wonderful device.
    Key Features of the Product
    • Easy to install.
    • No wiring required.
    • Alerts with lights and sound when motion sensor is activated.
    • Signals from sensors are detected by the base receiver up to half a mile away.
    • Sensors are weatherproof.
    • You can add up to three additional sensors (sold separately).
    • Base unit uses AA batteries or the included AC adapter.
    • You can set specific alert lights and sound for each sensor to easily identify which motion sensor is activated.
    • Motion sensors can detect movement from 30 feet away.
    • Adjustable sensitivity.
    • Can detect not only vehicles, but pedestrians as well.
    Pros and Cons
    The Chamberlain Wireless Motion Alert Security System has so many great features. Many people have tried the product and were very much satisfied. It has almost 3,000 reviews online. Users can rate the product on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 stars being the highest. With almost 3,000 reviews, this product is rated 3.8 stars out of a possible 5. To maintain a high score with that much reviews is not an easy task. To know more, let’s see what people have to say about the product.
    • Very affordable.
    • The volume is adjustable.
    • You can program the transmitters to more than one head unit.
    • New base unit is smaller and nicer than the old model.
    • The signal goes through a brick wall very easily.
    • The mounting is sturdy enough and very simple to install.
    • Sensor comes with a small hood for protection.
    • Sensor is made out of thick plastic.
    • Excellent battery life.
    • The device works with metal buildings with lots of electronics and other equipment.
    • The product works as good as or better than an expensive brand.
    • It is totally portable.
    • The sound is loud enough to be heard most anywhere in the house.
    • Good sound. Good range. Good detection.
    Even though there are a lot of positive feedback about the product, there are still those who have negative things to say. Just take cellphones for example. Cellphones are great gadgets. It started off as a luxury but now, it has become a necessity. However, it you give one to a person who lives in a place with very poor to no reception at all, obviously you will get all but positive feedback simply because it is not the right product for that person. The same goes with the Chamberlain Wireless Motion Alert Security System. Let’s take a look at the negative things other people had to say about this motion sensor driveway alarm.
    • The sensor would only detect movement if the movement was within about ten feet of the sensor.
    • The sound was very low.
    • Had no way to add external sound alert fixture.
    • The product is made out of cheap plastic and would not hold up to the sun.
    • The battery life is less than 3 days if left on.
    • The volume is too loud.
    Who is this Product for?
    If you want additional security at your residence or wherever you want to install an alarm system, then this device is for you.  The product is not just for homeowners who want to be alerted whenever a vehicle enters the driveway, but also when unexpected people step on the vicinity of the house. It is also best for people who cannot afford to spend a lot of money on a security device  because the product is very affordable yet dependable. It is also recommended for those who are not very technical as the device is very easy to install.
    Should You Buy It?
    The reviews of the people who already bought the product and are already using it are testimonials of how great the product is. It certainly worked well with a lot of people so there should be no reason why you should not buy it too. Although there are some negative reviews, those are understandable and inevitable. As said, no product can please everyone all the time.
    If you care about the safety and security of your property, you should buy it. If you care about your safety and your family’s, you should definitely have the Chamberlain Wireless Motion Alert Security System (CWA2000) installed at home. 
  3. How much do you want to protect your property, be it your home or your business? Are you thinking of buying a door/window alarm, driveway motion sensor, or other security items? These days, you can find lots of them in the market; hence it becomes challenging to choose the best one for you.
    Have you heard of Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Motion Alert? This item may be one of the best choices for you depending on your concerns and standards. Below is a review of the product that will give you an idea on how it generally works. Go on and take a close look.
    Product Features
    This driveway motion sensor comes with the following:
    • Wireless Motion Detector
    There is no need to deal with wires and cords, for Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Motion Alert comes with a wireless detector.
    • Long Range
    The device has up to 1/2 radio range. Moreover, it can detect a person or a vehicle out up to approximately 50 ft.
    • Easy Installation
    Setting up the device is easy. You may see it working after a few minutes of installation provided you follow the instructions.
    • Four Sensors
    The receiver will need to work for up to four signals. This is due to the four sensors that come with the device.
    • IR Sensor/Transmitter
    The ball mount of the device's IR sensor/transmitter allows the user to easily angle it to his or her preferred direction. It likewise prevents false alarms.
    • Remote Triggering Feature
    It comes with the receiver. It makes it possible to log an event on your security camera system whenever the device detects motion. Users may simply review the video clips from the security camera to see the cause of trigger.
    • 9-Volt Battery
    The device operates using one 9-volt battery. You would need to buy the battery separately.
    To sum up, this driveway motion sensor is a wireless device filled with features. Powered by just one 9-volt battery, it has the capacity to detect motions coming from about 50 ft. Soon after, the sensor will send a signal back to the receiver. Usually, it is up to 1/2 mile away, but the range may differ depending on the local terrain. Users can immediately observe and check such features, thanks to the easy installation process.
    Here are the traits that customers love about Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Motion Alert:
    • Zero False Alarms
    While customers feel happy about a sensor picking up every possible intruder, this is not the case when the device starts to produce numerous false alarms. For this, having zero false alarms is surely a good trait that pleases numerous users.
    • Good Angle
    Thanks to the ball mount of its IR sensor/transmitter, for it allows you to angle your device to the best direction. You get to avoid specific areas, and this contributes a lot to the prevention of false alarms.
    • Good Range
    One way to determine the reliability of the product is by looking at the range it can work with. The good thing about this item is that being on an inside wall, for example, does not affect its range or sensitivity. Apparently, customers find this impressive.
    • High-Quality Sound
    Another very important trait to consider is the quality of sound. It is the very thing that informs a user if someone is approaching his or her property. Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Motion Alert has a good-quality sound that customers appreciate and love.
    • Good Alert Registration
    Would you like to closely monitor each alert your device has made? If so, then Dakota Alert might be the perfect choice for you. It has the capacity to register each alert and display the zones triggered and the number of times each of them was triggered since the last reset. Usually, a user will be able to view up to 10 recorded triggers.
    • Adds Convenience
    Thanks to the remote triggering feature, you may simply review your security camera for video clips to know what caused particular triggers. And alongside the convenience is more knowledge for you regarding the situations that can possibly trigger your device.
    From positioning the motion sensor to observing its actual work, users can enjoy advantages covered by various aspects of handling the device.
    Below are a few downsides of the product:
    • Temperature Range
    Above freezing point, the device is extremely reliable. The problem happens when the temperature is below freezing, for the item has the tendency to not work much during these very cold days.
    • Some Design Problems
    If you opt to use the optional swivel bracket, you might have issues with its design. The ball and socket joint lacks lock-down capability when proper alignment is done. A light bump, for instance a gate closing, may take it out of alignment.
    Should you opt to purchase Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Motion Alert, you would need to do a little research to deal with these disadvantages.
    Who Will Benefit the Most from This Product?
    One of the item's best feature is its capacity to register the triggers that occur. If you would love to closely monitor what happens to your property, this item may be the best choice for you. It provides accurate results, so you would not waste time watching incidents triggering false alarms.
    The product definitely fits the needs of a property owner who desires to provide security to his or her property with the awareness of what actually happens around it. This is likewise a perfect choice for you if you are always on the go.
    The Verdict: Should You Buy Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Motion Alert?
    With all the advantages discussed above, you probably know by now that this product can give you your money's worth. Sure, there are disadvantages; but the advantages can outweigh them.
    This driveway motion sensor can give your home full security while giving you full knowledge about the potential triggers. In many ways, you can rely on this device and it can help you learn more about protecting your property and preventing intrusions. If you love its features, then buying the product is the right decision.

  4. Not all driveway sensors are created equal. In fact, some sensors have a variety of different purposes. While they all aim to do the same thing, provide you with protection, there are different sensors for different needs. Let’s look at what types of sensors there are and which driveway sensor is best for your unique needs.

    Driveway Motion Sensor

    Driveway motion sensors are an all-purpose solution to driveway monitoring. These sensors are able to detect both people and vehicles with ease. Typically combined into one device, these devices are praised due to their ease of use.
    Being the most inexpensive on the market, they are affordable, yet powerful enough for most monitoring needs. Simply mount these sensors and ensure that they work. Being wireless, you will have to test to make sure that the receiver receives the signal.
    These sensors use beams that when broken will set off an alert. Simple in nature, these sensors are the most popular items and always get the job done.

    Magnetic Vehicle Sensors

    As you will notice, many alarms will pick up virtually anything that gets in their way: both people and vehicles. When you own a business or simply want to know when a vehicle enters your driveway, an alarm that uses beam sensors may not be ideal. While they will work, you will receive far more false alarms due to people or large animals breaking the beam.
    Magnetic vehicle sensors work exceptionally well when you want to only detect automobiles. These driveway sensors are not your typical setup that you would expect. Installation is a bit more difficult with the sensor and wire needing to be buried in the ground. While the signal is wireless, you will want to ensure that during installation, you mark the area where the sensor is located so that you can find it if it needs to be changed.
    The great thing is that these sensors strictly detect metal. When a vehicle goes over the sensor an alarm will sound, if a person or animal goes over the sensor, no false alerts are given.

    Driveway Doorbell

    A driveway pressure sensor is an alternative to the metal sensors we previously discussed. These sensors use pressurized hoses that are laid across the driveway. When the hose is ran over, there will be a signal sent to the wireless receiver and a chime or signal will be heard. This is great for anyone that doesn’t want to bury a sensor in the ground or simply doesn’t have space to do so.
    These driveway doorbells will not detect people or animals, but they will detect cars that roll into the driveway.
    Oftentimes, receivers will allow for multiple sensors to be setup so that you can easily mark different areas of monitoring. Driveway sensors are very practical for both homes and businesses that need to know when people or customers arrive.
    For pure safety and monitoring, we recommend a driveway motion sensor, but for precise vehicle detection, go with the magnetic vehicle sensors.

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