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Driveway Bell - Driveway Doorbell pressure hose

Driveway Bell - Driveway Doorbell

Driveway Pressure Sensor Wireless Driveway Alert

With a rubber hose driveway alarm, or driveway bell or doorbell, the alert or alarm signal is transmitted to a receiver when a vehicle rolls over the driveway air pressure sensor sending a signal to the transmitter which in turn will send a wireless alarm signal to the receiver.

Changes in air hose pressure trigger the driveway pressure sensor; as a car rolls over the hose, the increased air pressure within the hose triggers the sensor transmitter.

Rubber Hose Driveway Alarms are pressurized rubber hoses, which are laid on the driveway. They trigger the driveway alarm transmitter and a wireless signal tells the receiver to 'alarm' when there is pressure on the tube. These driveway bell sensor alarm systems are best for hard surfaces. These sensors are ideal where the detection of people or animals is not desired, and where winter conditions will not disrupt the functionality of the rubber hose.

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1 Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Wireless Air Hose Driveway Alarm, DCRH-2500Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Wireless Air Hose Driveway Alarm, DCRH-2500The DCRH-2500 is a very reliable and easy to install driveway alarm. The transmitter operates on one 9-volt battery and has 25' of 3/8" diameter exterior hose that will lie across the drive. When a vehicle drives over the hose, a signal will be sent to the DCR-2500 receiver up to 1/2 miles away*.
2 Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Wireless Air Hose Sensor, DCHT-2500Dakota Alert Duty Cycle Wireless Air Hose Sensor, DCHT-2500Extra wireless transmitters can be used in other locations; for example, a second driveway, other buildings, backyard, etc.

Compatible with 2500 series sytems only.

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