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Optex Wireless 2000 Driveway Alert

Optex Wireless 2000 Driveway Alert

Optex Wireless 2000

The RCTD-20U or “Wireless 2000” from Optex is a wireless driveway alert system that not only notifies shop owners to customers entering their store, but also can provide drive way alert and perimeter awareness. The Wireless 2000 Optex Driveway Alarm includes an outdoor rated PIR detector, as well as an R.F. receiver that can hold up to 9 detectors and chimes when the sensor detects motion. The R.F. receiver also features a Form C relay for activation of a variety of electronic equipment. Additional accessories can be added, including the TC-20U wireless door / window contact, TS-10U wireless push button transmitter for notification or activation applications and TR-20U repeater for applications where extended range between Wireless 2000 devices is necessary. Whether for home or business, indoor or outdoor, the Wireless 2000 is the ideal choice for perimeter awareness and wireless remote control.

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1 Optex RC-20U ReceiverOptex RC-20U ReceiverReceiver / Chime for the RCTD-20U (Wireless 2000) - Additional 12 Zone RC-20U Receiver for other rooms and buildings. Complete with volume control, 3 chime selections, remote low battery monitor alert, relay output with built in timer, indicator alert lights to identify area and power transformer.
2 Optex TD-20U PIR TransmitterOptex TD-20U PIR TransmitterBattery-powered sensor / transmitter for the RCTD-20U (Wireless 2000). Additional Sensor/Transmitter for monitoring second driveways, walkways, yards, pools.
3 Optex TS-10U Handheld TransmitterOptex TS-10U Handheld TransmitterThe TS-10U is a push button, battery-powered transmitter for the RCTD-20U (Wireless 2000). It allows the user to send a signal back to the RC-20U chime box and create a chime for notification purposes, as well as triggering or releasing other devices such as magnetic door locks and lighting.
4 Optex Wireless 2000 Driveway / Visitor Alarm, RCTD-20UOptex Wireless 2000 Driveway / Visitor Alarm, RCTD-20UWireless 2000 expandable driveway / entry alarm with 2000ft. line of sight transmission range, 50ft. beam pattern or 70ft. fan pattern.

The OPTEX Wireless 2000 Driveway and Entry System alerts you by 3 different chime tones and/or activates other electric devices (e.g. door strikes, lights, siren, CCTV) with relay output (RC-20U). The system can be triggered by TD-20U motion detectors, TC-10U door contacts or manually by the TS-10U hand-held push-button transmitter. The new 2000ft.* transmission range can be extended by using the TR-10U repeater.

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