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Driveway Alert | Wireless Driveway Alert System

Driveway Patrol Driveway Motion Detector

Driveway Patrol Alert - As Seen on TV

Get the Driveway Patrol! The Driveway Patrol wireless alert system triggers a pleasant alarm sound when someone is in your driveway.

Drive way Patrol infrared wireless alert system. Use to monitor the mailbox, garage, driveway or countless other places. The Driveway Patrol Alarm features battery operation and 400 foot range; means no wiring is necessary. When a vehicle or person passes the driveway sensor, the receiver emits an audible tone.

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1 Driveway Patrol - Drive Way Alert - Wireless Driveway Alarm SystemDriveway Patrol - Drive Way Alert  - Wireless Driveway Alarm SystemWireless Driveway Alarm system that remotely alerts you when someone enters your driveway.

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