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Dakota MURS Alert Long Range Wireless Driveway Alert System

Long Range Wireless Driveway Alert System

MURS Alert Series Wireless Driveway Alarms

The M538-BS is a base station ( Driveway Announcer and/or 2-way radio) MURS transceiver that will receive alert signals from any MURS Alert sensor / transmitter and it can also be used for two-way voice communications between other MURS transceivers. The Base Station receiver has five channels and 38 sub channels to help you communicate with other users. The M538-BS is powered by a plug-in transformer. The Base Station receiver is capable of communicating over a wireless distance of several miles.* The FCC also allows you to use MURS without a license. Although other radio services require a license, MURS is license-free.

When an alert signal is received from the MURS Alert transmitter (activated by a magnetic Vehicle Detector or Driveway Motion Sensor), the Base Station receiver will sound off with the automated voice of the alert signal channel/zone, and will also display an alert icon as a visual cue that a signal has been received. In addition, the M538-BS is equipped with a normally open (N/O) relay output. The relay can be used to connect the base station to other existing systems such as alarm panels or doorbells. This has many different applications for small businesses, farmers, security guards or outdoorsmen. Anyone who needs to have real time monitoring and two-way wireless voice communication will benefit from MURS.

The base station can also be used to communicate with the M538-HT hand-held receiver / radio. This allows someone in the house or shop to be in direct contact with someone out in the field. This allows a parent to keep track of the kids, or a supervisor to stay in touch with their employees.

There are 2 sensor / transmitter combinations available which have a maximum rated visual point-to point wireless distance of 2 miles!. You can choose from the Driveway Motion Detector, the Vehicle Detector (Magnetic Driveway Vehicle Sensor). A summary of these 2 sensor choices is described in the next paragraph.

Driveway Motion Detector

These sensors will detect vehicles, people, and if you are out in the country, possibly deer. The sensor and transmitter are combined into one device (unit). These detector / sensors are generally the least expensive and easiest to install. You will find this is the most commonly used driveway sensor alarm; therefore greatest selection of driveway alarm systems.

Vehicle Detector

This type drive way sensor will detect vehicles only (magnetic detector of metal vehicle passing by). The sensor lies (or is buried) on one side of the driveway and has a wire that goes to the transmitter box. Generally the sensor and wire are buried the distance where you station / put the transmitter box. If buried, the detector / sensor are not visible at the driveway entrance. This system takes more effort to install and is generally the most expensive driveway security alarm.

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1 MURS 2 way Wireless Base Station Radio - Driveway AlarmMURS 2 way Wireless Base Station Radio - Driveway AlarmA base station transceiver that can receive an alert signal signal from the MURS Alert and Vehicle Detector Driveway Alarms as well as 2 way communications from other transceivers. Has a normally open (N/O) relay contact that will close while an alert signal is being received.
2 MURS 2 way Wireless Hand Held Radio - Driveway Alarm Receiver, M538HTMURS 2 way Wireless Hand Held Radio - Driveway Alarm Receiver, M538HTA hand held transceiver that can receive an alert signal from the MURS Alert transmitter as well as two-way communications from other transceivers. Operates on 6 rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride AA batteries (included).
3 MURS Alert Auxiliary ChimeMURS Alert Auxiliary ChimeThe MURS Chime is an auxiliary chime that can be connected to the M538-BS transceiver, or any other entry alert receiver.
4 MURS Alert Infra Red Motion Sensor/TransmitterMURS Alert Infra Red Motion Sensor/TransmitterA small portable transmitter that can be easily set up in nearly any location to monitor and notify when someone has entered a certain area or driveway. The weatherproof transmitter operates on 6 AA batteries and will send an alert signal to either of the transceivers.
5 MURS Dakota Alert InfraRed Wireless Driveway Alarm System, MURSBSKITMURS Dakota Alert InfraRed Wireless Driveway Alarm System, MURSBSKITIdeal for homes, entry alert, business entries, door monitor, driveway alarm, security, camping, hunting, building protection, etc. Unique passive infrared sensor detects people as well as vehicles. When properly installed it will not detect small animals.
6 MURS MAPS Vehicle Detection Probe Sensor/Transmitter, NO ReceiverMURS MAPS Vehicle Detection Probe Sensor/Transmitter, NO ReceiverMURS Vehicle Sensing Probe and Transmitter with 50' of burial cable. A metal sensing probe and transmitter. Will only detect vehicles and moving metal. Will not detect animals, birds, wind etc. Probe may be buried and will work under snow, ice, concrete and asphalt.
7 MURS Wireless Probe Vehicle Detector Driveway Alarm System, MAPSBSKITMURS Wireless Probe Vehicle Detector Driveway Alarm System, MAPSBSKITThe wireless probe drive alert combines the best features of the wireless motion driveway alarm and the vehicle detector in an easy to install package. The wireless probe Vehicle Detector only senses moving metal, and will not give false signals from wind, rain or animals.

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