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Wireless Driveway Alarms  – For your Home and Driveway Security!

Wireless Driveway Alarms

We specialize in Wireless Driveway Alarms Systems, Driveway Sensors and Accessories from many manufacturers, including Dakota, Optex, and Rodann. Some of the longest wireless transmission range systems on the market are the Dakota MURS Alert systems, which have a wireless transmission distance (to your receiver) of up to 2 to 4 miles! All of our wireless driveway alarms have a wireless receiver which provides an audible and/or visual alert when someone enters your driveway.

Two main items in choosing a Wireless Driveway Alarm are
Wireless Transmission Range and Driveway Sensor type.

A Wireless Driveway Alarms Transmission Distance is always rated as straight line direct visual sight (with no obstructions). For trouble free dependable transmission of the alarm signal we recommend to always select a system that will have a wireless rated distance twice what your actual distance is. If there are metal or concrete walls and or hills, thick forest or a parking lot in between your driveway sensor and the alert receiver we recommend selecting a system that has 66% (2/3) more rated distance than your actual point to point distance.

For the actual detection of someone entering your driveway, there are three Driveway Sensor types:

Driveway Motion Detector

These sensors will detect vehicles, people, and if you are out in the country, possibly deer. The sensor and transmitter are combined into one device (unit). These detector / sensors are generally the least expensive and easiest to install. Most commonly used driveway motion sensor; therefore greatest selection of wireless driveway alarms.

Vehicle Detector

These sensors will detect vehicles only (magnetic detector of metal vehicle passing by). The sensor lies (or is buried) on one side of the driveway and has a wire that goes to the transmitter box. Generally the sensor and wire are buried the distance to the transmitter box. If buried, the detector / sensor are not visible at the driveway entrance. This system takes more effort to install and is generally the most expensive.

Pressure Tube Driveway Sensor

The sensor is a 25 foot air hose connected to a transmitter box. When a vehicle drives over the air hose, the transmitter sends an alert to the receiver. Installation and cost are similar to the driveway motion detector.

Select by Driveway Sensor Alarm type:

Driveway Motion Sensor

(driveway motion detector)

Magnetic Driveway Vehicle Sensor

(vehicle detector)

Pressure Sensor Driveway Alarm

(air hose)

Select Driveway Alarm System by Manufacturer Brand / Product Name or Type:

Dakota Alert 2500 Series

(wireless range- up to 2500 feet)

MURS Alert Products

(wireless range- up to 2 to 4 miles)

Driveway Patrol

(wireless range- up to 400 feet)

Optex Driveway Alarm Wireless

(wireless range- up to 2000 feet)

Reporter Driveway Alarm Wireless

(Chamberlain Driveway Alarm)

Rodann Driveway Alarm

(wireless range- up to 1000 feet)

Voice Alert System 6 Annunciator

(wireless range- up to 1000 feet)

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